TRAD Southern is part of the TRAD Group, which also includes two nationwide companies, TRAD Hire & Sales and TRAD Safety Systems, as well as MTD Midlands.

TRAD was founded in 1971 by Hayden Smith, and twenty years later in 1991 a separate company was formed by Hayden Smith and Des Moore to diversify into scaffolding systems. The main focus of this development was to completely understand system scaffolding, its strengths and limitations, as both Hayden and Des envisaged that the demand for system scaffolding would eventually be on a par with traditional tube and fitting scaffolding, and it was of paramount importance that the company could erect system scaffolding to a very high standard. Once the key objectives were attained four years later, the Systems Company was merged with TRAD to create a single scaffolding company that offered both traditional tube and system build solutions.

The company has continued to expand successfully. Within our chosen operating area of London and the South East we estimate that we have around twice the market share of our nearest competitor. A position only made possible with 80% of our work being repeat business.

Our Group CEO, Des Moore has been with the company for over 25 years. He takes great pride in the quality of the workforce and staff, and is proud of the very low turnover amongst employees. TRAD Divisional Directors have over 75 years’ service between them and a combination of 100 years’ experience in the access industry.