Learning from Accidents/Near Misses

Established over forty-five years ago, TRAD has grown to become the largest privately owned scaffold group in the UK, with a very good H&S record. As one of the foremost scaffolding groups in the UK, we constantly evaluate our work practices to strive to be always at the forefront of OH&S compliance, innovation and good practice. Our Play it Safe campaign is part of that continuing process to produce an even safer working environment for our people, our clients' operatives and the general public.


Random D&A Testing of TRAD Employees

In June this year TRAD reviewed and revised the H&S Policy to include increased checks on its employees regarding D&A testing.

From October this year, TRAD will begin random D&A Testing of its employees.

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Reciprocating Saw Blade Incidents

There have been two incidents recently where the cutting blades from reciprocating saws have fallen out of the cutter and landed on the ground.

Luckily no one has been injured, but this cannot happen again.

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Danger of Lorry Trailers Tipping

There was a recent incident where an experienced advanced scaffolder unloaded the back of the trailer, and the weight of the bins of fittings caused the trailer to tip dangerously forward.

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Danger of Unsafe Layher Toeboard Fixing

There was a recent accident where a Layher stoppend toeboard fell off the end of a scaffold and struck another contractor working below, breaking a bone in his hand.

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Danger of Joint Pins Falling out of Apollo Beams

There was a recent incident where scaffolders were chaining Apollo beams down the outside of a scaffold when an internal joint pin slid down inside the beam and shot out of the end. There was a large double boarded gantry in place, but unfortunately the joint pin missed the gantry and landed on a pavement 20m below and which could have had very severe consequences.

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Danger of Fragile Roof

There was a recent accident where a scaffolder failed to work to the RAMS, which details the Safe System of Work, and used scaffold boards instead of crawling boards (youngmans) to work on the fragile roof.

The scaffolder slipped on the scaffold boards - which wouldn't have happened if he'd been working on the youngmans - and stepped on to the fragile roof, which gave way and he fell 1.0m into the safety net, sustaining bruising and cuts.

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SLT Members keeping a Client’s Subcontractors Safe

In August, two of TRAD’S Safety Leadership Team members carrying out a Safety Tour noticed the client’s subcontractors working unsafely on the edge of a flat roof on a project in London. The two subcontractors had clipped their lanyards onto an A-frame guardrail on a roof, while carrying out repairs.

The SLT team intervened and explained to the two subcontractors that clipping onto an A-frame guardrail is not safe and would not stop them falling off the flat roof. The work was halted and the client’s site team informed. The site manager thanked the SLT Team and arranged for MEWPS (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) to be placed on that elevation, giving the subcontractors a safe method of working on the roof’s edge, and keeping them and everyone else safe.